Mercury Channelings

So now everyone is on their own Gemini journey. In the dance between your higher and lower mind, you may start to realize the more you fear your truest you: your ego, your shadow side, your inner child… the more they cry out for attention. The more they wish for your understanding. For your unconditional love. They lash out and do what they must for your attention, even if it’s your disdain. Which makes you resent your shadow more and more…

Gemini, the alchemist, understands the mirror nature of this reality and experience, and also understands that receiving questions can be more helpful than answers. The love we so desperately wish to give or receive to someone else often belongs or needs to be received by ourselves.

Do you feel undeserving of your own love?

Why do you think your decisions or opinions or beliefs make you a bad person?

Are you really just a compilation of actions and thought patterns or do you have a soul and spirit underneath all of that?

Have fun uncovering your truth, skywalkers.

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